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What is the shelf life of your products? 

Ensure optimal freshness and shelf life by storing all products at room temperature.


Here are the recommended shelf lives for each item:

Sugar Scrub: 12 months
Shower Spray: 12 months
Shower Steamer: Use within 3 months
Bath Teas: 3 months
Body Butter: 6 months
Sea moss (30-day supply): Must be kept in the refrigerator
Eucalyptus Shower Bundle: Freshness lasts for 3-4 weeks

Follow these guidelines to make the most of your products and indulge in their effectiveness over the specified periods.

Do you offer education? 

Explore herbal wellness with our workshops and classes. Partnering with leading companies, we bring you the full spectrum of herbal benefits for a holistic well-being experience in an easy and practical way.

What types of ingredients are in your products? 

We only use organic and wild harvested herbs and ingredients in all of our products. 


How long do eucalyptus bundles last in the shower?

Enjoy the rejuvenating scent of fresh eucalyptus in your shower for three to four weeks, depending on the room's moisture. Swap it out if you notice mold, browning, or a fading aroma, ensuring a continuous aromatic escape.

How do I hang the Eucalyptus Shower Bundle in my shower?

Secure the eucalyptus bundle around your showerhead using the attached string, ensuring it avoids direct water contact to extend its lifespan.

Can I use the Eucalyptus Shower Bundle every day?


Can I use it with any type of shower?

Eucalyptus bundles are versatile and suit various shower types—traditional, handheld, or waterfall. Hang the bundle behind the shower head to indulge in the therapeutic aroma experience.

Do I need to wet the Eucalyptus bundle before using it?

No need to wet the bundle. Designed to release its scent with the steam from your shower, it effortlessly enhances your aromatic experience.

How far should I position the Eucalyptus bundle from the showerhead?

Suspend it just outside the water spray, finding the perfect distance to enjoy the benefits of eucalyptus scent during your shower. Experiment to discover the ideal spot for your setup.

Why can't I smell my eucalyptus in the shower?

The subdued eucalyptus scent in the shower is mainly due to the high humidity, hindering effective dispersal of aromatic oils from the leaves into the air. As a result, the scent may be less noticeable.

Is the Eucalyptus safe for everyone, including pets?

For adults, eucalyptus is generally safe. Exercise caution with pets, especially in enclosed spaces. Ensure proper ventilation in the bathroom and monitor their reaction to the scent. Store eucalyptus safely out of reach, as it can be toxic if ingested by dogs and cats. Limit exposure by keeping pets away from the bathroom during showers and closing the door when not in use.

How do I dispose of the used Eucalyptus bundle?

Dispose of the used eucalyptus bundle by composting or simply throwing it away. It's biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Does eucalyptus in shower get moldy?

Yes, eucalyptus in the shower can get moldy if consistently wet. Hang it where it won't be directly hit by water, replace it regularly, and watch for signs of mold to keep it fresh.

Does eucalyptus in the shower attract bugs?

It will most likely repel them. 

Can I reuse the Eucalyptus leaves in any way?

Explore the endless possibilities of repurposing dried Eucalyptus leaves, whether for enchanting potpourri blends or imaginative DIY projects. Unleash your creativity and give these leaves a second life in ways that reflect your unique style and ingenuity.


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